Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Top Twitter Tips For Growth.

We all know that Twitter is a major platform to help grow your business, and we want to share with you some of our 'top tips' to help you grow a larger following on Twitter.

1.Stay Active

Keeping active on Twitter is vital to your success, its not like facebook where people make a post every now and again and then log in and out to comment back. On Twitter, people expect instant replies to their tweets if they mention you. Remember to always stay aware and on top of your mentions tab. Also the more you tweet (to a certain extent) the more likely you will be to get that tweet that someone wants to RT, and when this is RT'd it will help you grow even further.

2. Dont Spam

Taking into account the first tip, don't go overboard. Nobody likes to log into Twitter to see a huge amount of pointless tweets from one person/ business. Make sure you time your tweets well and spread them out to ensure maximum penetration and that people are actually taking notice and reading them. 

3. Use Visuals

Everybody likes photos and videos, this is a good way to get RT's and they are the key to growth. Photos and Videos must be relevant and good quality with a catchy tweet, otherwise people will not even view them.

4. Help Other Businesses

Dont not follow anyone and expect everyone to just follow you, it just will not work. You need to start following and interacting with other companies to make yourself noticed. Tweet about their businesses and chances are they will do the same for you. 

5. Join In On Networking

If you look at our previous blog posts you will see a post that talks about the best hashtags to use on Twitter for your business, some of these inlcude; #BiziTalk #UkBiz #RtMyBiz and others. Its important you join in on these when they are running, because you could get exposure to 1000's of other businesses this way. 

6. Fill Out Your Profile

Making sure you have a catchy bio, a full profile and a good picture will be vital to your success, spend time planning and thinking about this as people will make a quick decision on wether to follow you or not.

Okay so here are some of our top tips, we hope you take them on board and grow on Twitter! Tweet us @ Total Socials with your views and tips for a RT. 

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