Monday, 14 October 2013

What Is Total Socials And How Can It Help My Business?

Total Socials, the worlds first social media business directory is set to launch very soon, but the question on everyones lips are: What is it, and how will it benefit me?

What even is a social media business directory?
Total Socials is the worlds first, so you probably have never heard of a social media business directory, but its pretty self explanatory. We are all used to getting listings in online directories where we can list our business and a lot of what we see as irrelevant information. With social media being such a powerful business tool it is important that we all harness it and take full advantage. Our directory will have one key feature, allowing you to 'search for social' This key feature means that you can track down a business type, in an area and on which network you want to find it. We call this a social media business directory. 

Whats it useful for?
So the directory is useful for a lot of different reasons, firstly being that it allows you to find and connect with your potential clients. For example you might be a marker specialising in working with estate agents. With a total socials search you simply find the estate agents on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or a range of other social media sites we accept. You can also use the site for finding competitors, something we think is key to a successful social media campaign. The site can also be used by customers and clients, who may be looking for a business or service provider, on social media. It is becoming more and more apparent that people like to connect on social media and this is a tool to help them do it. 

Whats the cost?
Our memberships will start with free accounts, offering basic services such as adding just two accounts to your profile and some other extras, as we go up to the £5 a month membership you will be allowed to add more accounts, and get some promotion from us on our social media, as you go to the £10 or £15 a month membership you will receive even more exposure from ourselves  as well as getting many extra benefits, such as becoming higher in the results for your category and more social media accounts being displayed on your page.

Who is involved in Total Socials?
We have many companies who have already registered an interest in the site and are willing to sign up right away, but as well as this we have gathered some 'founder members' who we feel use social media extremely well, and have a large enough following to help us get the word out about how good Total Socials is. Some of these companies include -

When can I join?
We will be launching shortly and when we do you will be able to sign up easily online. All of our payments are fully protected as we operate via PayPal, giving you maximum protection. Keep up to date with our progress by following us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Blogger. Or like us on Facebook. We hope you continue your amazing support in the lead up to our launch! 

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