Sunday, 29 December 2013

Total Socials In Social Media Today

Last week, we were extremely proud to have been featured in Shay Mosers' weekly piece in social media today known as : Social Startups. This was a great opportunity for us as a startup as Social Media Today and Shay herself are both major players in the Social Media world. We would like to share the piece with you all which explains a bit more about total socials. And our founder - Jake Tipper. We hope you enjoy.

Social Startups: Total Socials Lets You View Social Media Profiles for All Businesses in One Place.

People are using the Internet to find information, but more importantly, to connect with companies. And yet for so many, it can take hours to find all of a business’ social media channels.

“It is a very long process when searching in Twitter, for instance, because it picks up on keywords in users’ profiles,” says Jake Tipper, founder and CEO of Total Socials, the world’s first social media business directory.

ImageWhen the 19-year-old entrepreneur had been unsuccessful trying to find all the social media channels of prospective customers, other businesses, and competition in his part-time marketing job, he wondered, “There must be somewhere that lists all social media accounts for companies in one place.” When his search led him nowhere, he began drawing up plans for Total Socials. The website launched last week—just in time to give your company the Christmas present that keeps on giving.

You may be thinking, “Directories are old-school,” as you picture a big, clunky phone book. Think again. This is a list you want your business to be on. Total Socials lets users do a simple online search through three main fields: Business Type, City/Town, or Social Media Profile. From this, you can see all of a business’ contact information, Google Map location, and every one of the company’s social media channels.

For businesses, Total Socials provides a reliable way to get listed and located. “Other businesses and users will be able to search for your company and interact across your social channels,” Tipper says. “It also gives businesses a page in which they can share from their social media channels.”

ImageDespite being a niche directory that’s extremely targeted, it’s free to have a basic listing that includes two social media channels. There are three payment options for businesses that want to list more than two social channels, add custom options, and use other benefits, such as extra images and a custom URL.

Take one of Total Socials’ current clients, as an example of how the platform works. “George owns a business in the UK, manufacturing a product for the farming industry,” Tipper says. “He joined Twitter and started looking for farms in his area to connect with and possibly do business with. However, when he searched on Twitter he was overwhelmed by the results. So he joined Total Socials and searched for ‘farms’ in ‘Birmingham’ on ‘Twitter,’ and simply connected with all of them on Twitter from Total Socials.”

Seeing the simplicity and success from this, George listed his manufacturing business on Total Socials, chose his keywords, and added all of his social media sites through his premium account on the platform. Extra promotion as a premium member also boosted his networks’ following. And over the course of six months, he saw an increase in interactions on his social media channels as people searched for his services and products. Ultimately, it led to new business for George. 
“I intend to make Total Socials the only place to search for businesses on social media,” Tipper says. “I want to get over 25,000 businesses listed in the directory over the next year.”

In the next five years, Tipper says he hopes to have Total Socials operating in America, across Europe, and in the Middle East. “As long as we can legally operate in these countries and have the website translated accordingly, then we will be there,” he says about the UK-based startup.

List your business for free at The Total Socials website is driven by you, and it thrives if you share and use it frequently. In other words, the more the merrier!

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