Monday, 27 January 2014

Make yourself 'searchable' on social media

"Total Socials is a business directory with a difference, it allows you to be found on a huge range of social media channels."

When you join Total Socials, you don't just get a listing in our business directory. You get a beautiful page with your most important business information on, not only this but more importantly you get a page which has your social media accounts on. Directories have become something we see as outdated and useless, but yet we still all take the time to add ourselves into them incase it may generate a lead or two. 

At Total Socials, we know that you want people to find you for what you produce or the service you provide - but you want to be found on social media, something which is nearly impossible with the way in which the social media giants' searches work. 

As an example, we ask you to try and track down the nearest Mechanic to you on Twitter, or an Accountant on Twitter in London, maybe a Vet in Aberdeen on Instagram or a Marketing Agency in Brighton on Pinterest?

"We are here to solve the problem that is searching for businesses on social media."

Adding your business to our directory will allow anyone to find you, for keywords YOU CHOOSE. You can add your business, and select a range of keywords that match your business, meaning when anyone searches for that service or product you will appear - but more importantly so will your social media profiles. An example is shown below, where you can see this profile, from Social Media Training Cheshire has LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest listed. All of these are easy for the person searching to join. 

Social Media Training Cheshire on the Total Socials website. 

"Your page will look amazing, and will be something you are happy to share across your networks"

Your unique page will look great, and will include all of the information you provided when you joined us, such as a contact email and phone number, a description of the business and a google maps location. More importantly, your social media will be shown larger and is easier for a user to follow from here - your page will also have a unique URL that you can share across your networks to drive even more people to join you. Some examples are shown below -                   

Tweetable Business Solutions

Biz Promo Video

Both of these users have amazing pages, which can now be shared - and will help them grow. We also ensure that all of our members get a shout out to our massive audience on Twitter and Facebook - with some lucky ones also getting promotion on Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn (Depending on the membership scheme you choose)

Overall, joining Total Socials will make you easier to find on all of your social media accounts - our 'search for social' feature is unmatched and no other directory allows you to search through social media sites like ours.

Add your business now, and list one social media profile to your page. Visit 

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