Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The new 'who's viewed your profile' on LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn has many awesome features, by far my favourite is the 'who's viewed your profile' one. It allows you to see who has been looking at your profile, but until recently this information has been very brief, and only gives the user a broad understanding of how and why these people are actually looking at them. This is a feature that I think we all wish we could have on Twitter and Facebook, but they are yet to explore the idea. The updates this week give the user a much deeper understanding of who is looking at them, and more importantly how they actually found them!
The new updates explained
Previously, we were only shown how many people had viewed our profile over a certain period of time - for example '25 people in 3 days' - we still get this basic information but we are also now greeted by another figure just below it, it shows your ranking between you and all of your connections. Think of this as a giant profile views leaderboard. This creates a competitive feel, and makes you want to get even more views to beat your connections/ peers.
The next improvement comes when you actually click into the new who's viewed your profile area, you are now greeted with some quick stats and a graph to show your progression over time, something which I personally love. This graph relates to a week by week timescale, so you can see in which weeks you were getting viewed more or less, which in turn will allow you to see which of your posts are working and which are not. Shown below.

Hovering your mouse over a certain week, as showed here will bring up how many views were obtained during that week. A great piece of information so you can compare how you are doing over a period of time.
So, below this you still get the standard list of profile pictures of those who have viewed your profile (although the layout is slightly more 'jazzy'.) You also get a button which says "viewers who search for words on your profile" - this shows you a breakdown of what words have been used to search for your profile. Next to this you will also now find an image displaying from where these people actually found you, for example, from an inbox message, or from their homepage etc.

Its all a big race for more views.
As well as all of the above, which give you a much deeper insight into your views, you also get a button which says 'how you rank for profile views'. Upon clicking on this feature you are met with some quick and easy to see stats, firstly, you will see your overall ranking between you and all of your connections. Scrolling down will actually show your position on this list, who is above, and below you. You will then see two more options, you can change the search to those within your company, and see your ranking there - similarly you can change the search between you and LinkedIn employees, a pretty cool feature!

Tips to grow
Not only have LinkedIn introduced all of these great features, but they've also gone and added tips for you to expand even further (you will find these hidden within your viewers). To the right hand side of your 'views insights' you will find a section called "easy ways to get more views" which shows you tips (tailored to you) to get more views. This might be people you should connect with, words to add to your summary, skills to add to your page or groups you should join. Awesome.
In my opinion the new 'who's viewed your profile analytics' section is great, and gives us, as LinkedIn users a much greater understanding of our audience, and where they are actually coming from - which is vital in order to continue your social growth in the long term!
What are your thoughts about the new updates? Please leave a comment below.

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